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Polymer Plastics

We at Polymer Plastic produce high-quality MASTERBATCHES from carefully selected top-quality raw Materials. Our   MASTERBATCHES are best known for their excellent dispersion combined with good processability. Our MASTERBATCHES have been designed for all the main polymer converting applications such as blown films, blow and inject molding, steel fibers, extrusion coating, and cast film. Color additive and property modifying MASTERBATCHES are based on base polymers such as PE, EV, PP, PS, SB, SAN, ABS, PC, PA, POM, PBT or Universal-carrier which makes it possible to use one Master batch for polymers of many kinds.


They are not just granulated…
Our specialty is to disperse pigment and different types of additives into a polymer carrier. The core business is Masterbatch, and we can supply all different types, all from a pure color Masterbatch to more technical Masterbatches.

We supply Masterbatch to all common polymers on the market. We also have the possibility to produce and supply pre-colored compounds.

White Masterbatches

Additive Masterbatches

Black Masterbatches

Filler Masterbatches

Color Masterbatches

White Masterbatches


Special Effect

Manufacturing Strategy

Polymer Plastics

Our philosophy of manufacture is to be so efficient and flexible in our production and administration that we will our selves, as well as our customers, competitive in the market. To guarantee our position in the front line we are constantly making big investments and thatis why Manufacturing is done in one of the most modern factories with entirely new production lines having a high capacity of producing material per year.
Each production is fully equipped with high-speed mixer and twin screw extruder as well as with complete screening and packing equipment

To be able to run the most advanced types of materials the extruders have rebuild able screws. This makes it easy to adopt production equipment.


Research and Development

Research and development are conducted in close collaboration with customers and suppliers, to give the customer the best possible product on every occasion Equipment in the laboratory is state of the art. It consists mainly of advanced apparatus for measuring and matching colors. In addition apparatus for various mechanical and geological tests are also available. Color matching and color measuring are done with advanced computer software. Test materials are produced with the market’s shortest leads time with the help of both single and twin-screw extruders.


As the customer is the focus of our philosophy, our personnel always focus on customer needs. Our existence is because of our Customers and for that we are always thankful to all of them, big or small. This is POLYMER PLASTIC’S CORE OBJECTIVE. In collaboration with our customers, we develop tailor-made formulations which give our customers the products the best possible function. This means that even products that are complicated or manufactured in advance materials can be colored or modified with Masterbatch

Some examples are: Polymer Plastics has introduced Black MASTERBATCHES formulated to provide the maximum opacity solutions, especially for Rotto mold products, Pipe Industry and Packaging Industry. These MASTERBATCHES have proven to be extremely successful for Water Tank Manufacturers and that is why in Pakistan almost 75% of the Water Tank Manufacturers are using COLORON MASTERBATCHES. Our products are also used extensively by the manufacturers of packaging materials like plastic shopping bags and pp woven bags because COLORON MASTERBATCHES is compatible with the entire range of thermoplastic processes utilized by today’s packaging industry.

Quality & Environment

Quality management has always had a high priority for Polymer Plastic. The company is in the process of achieving the quality certificate ISO9001. Quality policy is to always be in the front line and the market fast adoption of new quality improving techniques by utilizing all the opportunities offered by and today’s tomorrow technology. Environment management has been greatly intensified in recent years through heavy investment in new techniques to improve the internal working conditions We have also a system for recycling and storing at source to the maximum extent possible with present technology. In collaboration with our suppliers and customers we try to make the best possible environmental choices even before legislation and regulation require so.

Certificates  of Quality

We supply quality certificates as per demand of our customers for specific applications especially food grade compliance certifications.

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